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Robin HR200/120B Wing Spar Change

In on an annual and the wing spar was found to be exfoliating. The third one of these we have replaced. After a frame is put in to support the fuselage,  it’s wing off and remove 400 plus rivets. Spars are sent from New Zealand where a version of the aircraft continues to be made.

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The Robin’s shiny overhauled 0-235

A group owned Robin came in for a 50 hour check, when the filter was checked, metal filings were found, further investigation found the cam shaft was starting to break down. The engine was sent in to Norvic Aero Engines for a complete overhaul.

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Winterising GA Aircraft

Some aircraft live outside or in pretty damp hangers and during the winter months can be inactive for weeks, possibly even months. We have been asked about the best way to preserve aircraft during this time given much indifferent and sometimes inaccurate information being available on the internet.  Contact Eagle to discuss your concerns, requirements [...]

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